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KK IT Solutions offer includes a number of connection services. These are works based on existing software that are required to monitor, repair, update or develop.

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    Managing application problems

    We solve any problems that disrupt app performance and cause incidents. Our task is to provide the continually working systems and eliminate any errors that interfere with the software.

    Coordinating actions in order to solve the problem

    Implementing solutions and corrections


    Ensuring application availability

    We take care to provide uninterrupted availability of the system to end users. We solve problems that impair usage of the application as quickly as possible. Full availability service is provided continually.


    Application performance management

    We offer services that guarantee optimal application performance,mand we make sure that software works efficiently and performs its function. The service of managing application performance is continually provided.

    Periodic system configuration reviews

    Responding to notifications related to the loss of application performance

    Installation of required patches and updates related to system updates (Android, iOS)


    Application configuration overview

    We provide periodic reviews of application configuration in terms of performance. We monitor system behaviour and susceptibility to potential or actual performance drops. We make the necessary changes.

    Application optimization for performance

    Server work optimization

    Implementing patches on the system


    Solving performance problems

    We offer services related to monitoring and testing applications for performance. We provide implementation of solutions to problems reported by system users.

    Solving existing problems

    Implementation of optimization aspects

    Preparation of projection of demand for system resources based on the current and anticipated increase in application requirements


    Monitoring of customer IT systems

    We provide monitoring and reporting services for all meters that have a direct or indirect impact on the way the application works. The service is provided in a continuous mode and includes:

    Monitoring and reporting
    Reporting activities to the customer with all information (duration of all reported activities, etc.)

    Application monitoring for availability
    Reporting activities to the customer along with all information


    Change management, system redesign

    KK IT Solutions offers services to redesign clients' systems. We introduce changes, corrections or completely rebuild the application to meet the assumptions and requirements as regards their functioning. The system is rebuilt in the following stages:

    Preparation of the plan of change
    Attachment of the approval application

    Coordination and implementation of agreed changes

    Actions after implementing changes
    System overview
    Providing early technical support

    Project completion
    Preparation of change history documentation. Customer acceptance