Outsorcing IT

Chcesz rozpocząć współpracę w zakresie outsourcingu IT?

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    When is the best time to use IT outsourcing?

    We perfectly understand that not every company needs a programmer throughout its entire activity. We direct our programming outsourcing offer to such clients. These are primarily companies, agencies and start-ups that need ad hoc programming assistance.

    By using software outsourcing, you ensure your business continuity and stability with the ability to quickly increase the number of active employees when the situation requires it.

    How is the cooperation going?

    • We conclude a contract that specifies the number of hours that KK IT Solutions employees will devote to working on your project per month. This is the time during which the assigned Project Manager and the team of programmers are at your sole disposal and carry out all the tasks ordered.

    • Depending on the needs and requirements presented, we offer teams of various sizes. Each group of programmers will be under the Project Manager who will ensure that the time paid by you is used to the best.

    • However, we would like to point out that completing the right team is not always possible immediately. The group of specialists cooperating with each other must be selected so that they complement each other and form a harmonious team. Thanks to this, the course of work will be effective, you will bear lower costs, and our employees will be satisfied with their.